UltraScan - SOMO (SOlution MOdeller) Workshop

The focus of this workshop will be on how to compute the hydrodynamic parameters, that can be measured experimentally, starting from high or medium resolution structures (PDB files or dummy atoms models from SAXS/SANS experiments). The theory behind the bead modeling methods will be BRIEFLY exposed, but the main focus will be on a guided tour of the new implementation of SOMO within the UltraScan (US) suite (Brookes et al., Eur. J. Biophys 2009, in press).

Partial list of topics:

Test proteins will be used as an example, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own structures to be modeled "live".

More information about US-SOMO can be found in the UltraScan-SOMO manual pages.

Instructor: Mattia Rocco, IST, Genova, Italy